About Us
Cheek to Cheek acoustic duo combines the talents of dynamic vocalist Annemarie Lloyd and versatile guitarist Darryl Minerds, each bringing to this collaboration around 30 years’ experience in the music industry. 

The two combine their individual histories in music with a passion for something a little different in Cheek to Cheek – contemporary jazz/blues and pop acoustic duo. 

From Annemarie’s background in rock, jazz and cabaret, to Darryl’s years of playing rock, blues, funk and contemporary jazz, the pair combine their collective talents with a passion to take it back to basics with a raw, acoustic sound.

Darryl began as a rhythm player in Alice Springs in the 80s and quite naturally emerged as a dominant lead guitarist over years, while working in a variety of bands throughout the country.  His playing has been influenced by the likes of Eric Clapton, Larry Carlton, Eric Johnson and Muddy Waters, but in reality ‘just about anybody who’s picked up a guitar’.

With beginnings in Sydney rock bands in the 80s, Annemarie has spread her wings across almost every genre of music, with vocals ranging from a sweet diva ballad to jazz, rock, funk, as well as performing as a touring cabaret artist.  Referred to by musicians and critics as a ‘true singer’, Annemarie’s return to a raw setting with Cheek to Cheek, stems from a desire to get back to basics and rediscover the pure passion in every note she sings.


Cheek to Cheek with Richie Filear on Double Bass

In addition to Cheek to Cheek - acoustic duo, we are proud to announce that we are collaborating with the amazing talents of Richie Filear on the double bass to form a corporate trio for cocktail parties, meet 'n greets etcetera.  This act looks and sounds pure class and can add that special atmosphere to your wedding ceremony, foyer pre-ball cocktails or the like.
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